Carpet cleaning

Warm weather is a convenient time to deal with floor covering cleaning. The sun helps out the drying of newly washed carpets and soft floor coverings. It is all good except when you realize you have no time or space to wash your carpets and coverings. Light coverings need more frequent washing and cleaning due to the fact that every stain is a lot more visible. If there is some kind of stain on your covering, it has to be cleaned as soon as possible because as long as it stays there it gets harder to clean. Many commercials offer you universal cleansers… but we are afraid that there aren’t any. You have to purchase special cleansers, because every different covering needs relevant cleanser. You could buy a carpet cleaning machine, but besides being very expensive these machines clean superficial, not in deep. At the end we realize it’s all one huge headache.

What IG Home Cleaning do better?

1. We could come to your address and clean your coverings at spot.
2. We can perform high quality and deep cleaning.
3. If it’s necessary we could use so called dry wash in which case no wetting is needed.

In that process a machine rubs a dry foam in the covering and there is a tiny quantity of water. Along with that rubbing the machine takes up the stains and the dirt and soon after that also the foam. The covering is absolutely dry and perfectly clean and could be used right away. After this process takes a lot more to get the coverings dirty.
Another type of process is the one so cold “deep wash”. It is suitable for coverings that have permanent and deep dirt and even have a structure change after soiling. Here once again a machine rubs cleansers in the covering. They go deep wile degrading the dirt, and then take it up. At the end the covering’s been dried and been cleaned of the rest of the cleansers. After that kind of process, the covering stays a little bit wet, but it gets dry very quickly.
Another process is water cleaning. Here we use hot water and very light cleanser, which doesn’t contain chemicals or soap. This cleanser mixed with hot water instantly degrades the dirt. No additional rubbing necessary, because it may cause structure damage of the covering. At the end the water’s been taken up by a machine and the covering rests clean, soft and dry. The cleanser we use is odour free, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy absolute cleanliness without knowing how that happened. Covering cleaning with IGHomeCleaning is easy peasy.

Type Price
Type Price
Single bedroom £20
Double bedroom £25
Living room £30
Sitting room £30
Step £2
Louding £7
Hallway £10
Office carpet cleaning £1.50 per sq/m
Hard floor cleaning (Tiles,Wooden floors etc.)
(We accept requests for no less than 20 sq/m)
£2,50 per sq/m


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