Eco Cleaning

One of the most important things in life is our home. There we create family, raise children, enjoy warmth and cosiness.
For that matter we now offer ECO CLEANING SERVICE, using harmless for human beings and pets ECO materials, so you can feel calm about you and your family.


It would be absolutely normal to ask yourself why and with what eco home cleaning is better than the traditional high efficient methods offered by many cleaning companies in London. After all it’s all about the purity of your home and the health of your family. The answer is simple. Eco home cleaning is as efficient as the other methods, but there is one important advantage – the lack of harmful chemicals. Eco cleaning also known as Bio “Green” Cleaning achieves the same remarkable results, but without the damaging chemical evaporations. Your home will have a glamour and affability without using aggressive components. The advantages of the eco cleansers are many and would be hard to mention all of them, but here are three of the most important:

1. Eco cleansers are made of biodegradable, organic substances. 2. They could be used for flavouring the premises of your home, without the risk of inhaling harmful aerosols. Our eco cleaning is harmless even for the Ozone layer.


Eco steam cleaning gains bigger and bigger popularity over the last years thanks to few things – lower expenses and the lack of any type of cleaning materials over the process. In this case the main cleaning element is the power of water, heated to 160C, also known as “dry steam”. It cleans and disinfects any surface that has a contact with – soft floor coverings (carpets), windows, any type of faience, teracotta and any other hard surfaces.

GBP 16.00 per hour with our own eco materials.

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