Regular cleaning

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Many of the present-day cleaning companies focus their resources and attention on cleaning of public service buildings, offices, warehouses, workshops, factory buildings while ignoring house cleaning. And that’s understandable, because of the larger square surface and high value orders. In order to please the specific needs of the public and business buildings, many cleaning companies disregard and undervalue private buildings as a market segment. House cleaning is a service that we perform professionally and complete to the slightest detail. We, in IG Home Cleaning develop equally both of these market shares and offer to our customers both office building cleaning and house cleaning.

House cleaning requires special approach by our team, attention, eye for detail, precision and responsibility for the privacy of the client. We have specially trained hygienists with long-standing cleaning experience, and we successfully perform basic, seasonal and maintenance house cleaning. In your home our hygienists can perform every single cleaning service you would like – machine cleaning with individually selected professional cleansers or manual cleaning with attention to every single object and detail, entirely dedicated to your specific requests and needs for high quality and professional service. Essentially IG Home Cleaning is a family business company and we guarantee that your home cleaning will be performed by permanent staff and no matter how many times you call us, you will be always visited by the same staff.

GBP 13.00 per hour with customer’s own materials

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