Rubbish dumping


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Sometimes people save their old belongings for many years either for sentimental reasons, or because they think that there will be a time they will need some of them. The years pass and our homes get overcrowded with useless stuff and domestic belongings. Sometimes these piles of rubbish and junks get more and more, look awful and stink causing problems not only to you but to your neighbours as well. Or maybe you have decided to clean up your yard or do some repairing on the house and you somehow end up with a pile of useless and unneeded stuff. You don’t know what to do with it, or you just don’t have the time to deal with these domestic problems. Leave IGHome Cleaning Services London do this for you. With the experience gained over the years we can remove all of your stuff and garbage nice and easy.
As it would be very difficult to make you a straight offer over the phone due to the variety and quantity of the garbage, we will send one of our teams to make a preliminary free view of the garbage or the stuff that needs to be dumped and offer you a proper final price for the service.

The IG Home Cleaning team is available any time of the day. Please contact us via phone or our e-mail request system.

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