Upholstery cleaning

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Even if you don’t realize it, the mattresses and the upholstery are the places where most of the bacteria and microbes live and threaten our health and lives. When was the last time you managed to clean up your mattress or your upholstery? If you can’t remember, you will need the help of a professional. IGHome Cleaning Services London offers machinery cleaning for your upholstery and mattresses using a process that leaves them slightly wet and fresh, protected from all those tiny things that threaten your safe and cosy home. IGHome Cleaning team will come to your house or office at a time that suits you and will clean every piece of furniture and each mattress in a way that guarantees the hygiene and cleanliness of your home or office.

We offer:

•  Cleaning of mattresses
•  Cleaning of sofas
•  Cleaning of armchairs
•  Cleaning of chairs
•  Cleaning of foot chairs

The process of the cleaning includes removing of the dust as a first step of the cleaning. After the dust is removed from the top layer of the upholstery or the mattress, a special cleanser for removing stains is added and rubbed in the piece of furniture. The third step of the cleaning is adding and rubbing a professional cleanser in the mattress or the upholstery with which the main cleaning is performed. As a last step the water and the cleanser is extracted from the upholstery or the mattress together with the dirt leaving the furniture or the mattresses slightly wet and fresh.

Type Price
Single mattress £20
Double mattress £25
King size mattress £30
Two seater sofa £30
Three seater sofa £35
Four seater sofa £40
Armchair £20
Chair £5
Footchair £10


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